• Let's co-create a better world!

    It's a Singapore based global network of social innovators and entrepreneurs. We co-create communities, solutions and enterprise ecosystems. We are what our vision, mission, values and habits are and recognized by our members who strongly believe in those ideas. Our members have diverse capabilities and backgrounds but what holds them together is our shared vision, mission and common set of values that they believe in and follow in whatever they do. Anyone who supports our vision, mission and values can join the network and become a co-creator.  

    Here's a case for making the world a better place:

    • The vision, mission and values of the network are based on The Amsterdam Declaration of World Humanist Congress, which has the following four pillars:

      1. Humanists strive to be ethical
      2. Humanists strive to be rational
      3. Humanists strive for fulfillment in their lives
      4. Humanism meets the widespread demand for a source of meaning and purpose to stand as an alternative to dogmatic religion, authoritarian nationalism, tribal sectarianism, and selfish nihilism