2. Members T&C

  1. You understand and agree that your participation in any projects that use the Network's platform will become null and void at any stage when it is established that your words, actions or decisions were in violation of the network's vision, mission or values. The network's management will be solely authorized to investigate and provide verdict on any actual or perceived cases of violation. In case, it is established that a violation has occurred, all rights attached to shares owned by members involved in any or all projects will be suspended. For example, a member at default will not be able to exercise his or her rights to vote to elect any members of governance bodies.
  2. The network will hold the shares until it finds a buyer from within the members of the network and will transfer shares' sales proceeds to the defaulting members account. The selling price agreed by the network with the buyer will be deemed final and can not be challenged in any court of law.
  3. You agree that you will not initiate or participate in any projects with other members of the network using the network platform outside the governance of the network.
  4. You agree that you will provide access to all information necessary for the network to establish good governance and compliance.
  5. You agree that you or your representative will always work for and in the best interest of the projects you are working on and you will not allow or take any personal or individual benefits. In case of any potential conflict of interest you will not only disclose it to the other members of the governance body of the concerned projects but also to the network's PMO Team in writing for a decision.
  6. You agree that in case of any dispute or misunderstanding you will first refer the case to the network's arbitration and only after their decision you may go to court should you not be satisfied with the decision for good reasons.
  7. You understand that the membership is only to allow like minded people work together in a controlled environment to minimize the risk of team break-ups and disputes and at the same time to maximize the opportunities to find partners, co-creators and other resources for collaborations on various projects. This membership in no way creates an employee or employer relationship nor does it create an agent and principal or any other relationship that binds or holds the network responsible for any acts of the members nor does it authorize them to represent them as a representative of the network.